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Thank you for your interest in TGF Forestry and Fire.  We specialize in Prescribed Fire Management and Contract Wildland Firefighting Services.
Based in Libertyville, Illinois, TGF is located in a central location in the United States. Our location enables us to respond timely and efficiently to planned projects and emergent requests.

Our clients include local, state, federal/government, land managers, conservation groups, engineering firms and land restoration firms. TGF frequently works with property managers, homeowners associations and individual homeowners. 

Our services include:
 - Prescribed Fire of wetland, ponds, conservancy areas, mitigation sites, prairies, detention basins etc.
 - Contract Wildland Firefighting
 - Remote Area firefighting - Portable fire pumps
 - Mulch and landscape waste pile firefighting
 - Storm clean up & response for Government Agencies
 - Brush clearing & field mowing


Wildfire vs Prescribed Fire:
Prescribed fires are very different from wildfires.  Wildfires are accidental and uncontrolled.  They can threaten lives and property and can do great harm.  Prescribed burns are set intentionally after much planning and consideration of safety of people and property.  Prescribed burns are planned to achieve a specific objective in a specific area under appropriate weather conditions and at the right time of year.  Our fire crews are educated and trained to keep fires under control and to have a pre-planned outcome. 

How Fire Helps:
Fire is a naturally occurring event that helps regenerate the Earth.  The fire "trims" back the overmature plants that shade the sun-dependent plants such as grasses and prairie flowers.  Fire promotes seed growth by generating heat that most native plants require for regeneration.  After a burn, the blackened soil quickly absorbs sunlight.  The warmed earth encourages seed germination and the burned plant material becomes a rich fertilizer, encouraging new grass and plant growth.

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